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Brian K: Mr. Noonan Budget Threat

Mr. Noonan's claim that a No vote "would have a negative effect on attracting more foreign companies, who already provide jobs for 250,000 workers here." is disrespectful not only to the people but also to intelligence of those companies who invest here.
Foreign investors in Ireland are already aware of the lack of stability of the Euro-zone and yet have continued to invest based on their overall risk assessment of the situation. These investors would be acutely aware that the Fiscal Treaty will do nothing to stabilise the Euro-zone and that it is merely to reassure German voters. International foreign investors don't want more austerity they want growth.

They will know that Mr. Noonan is not addressing the problem and will ignore anything he has to say.  Mr. Noonan appears to have no idea about how investment decisions are made, how risk is evaluated and how political posturing is largely ignored by investors.

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