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From France and Holland to Slovakia and Greece, governments are falling victim to a European wide backlash against austerity. It seems no pro-austerity party is safe, with even Angela-Merkel’s Christian Democrats suffering a humiliating collapse in recent regional elections. Suddenly, it seems the debate in Europe is shifting away from austerity and towards a greater emphasis on boosting growth and creating jobs. So what is behind all this sudden talk of growth in Ireland and Europe and is the Fiscal Treaty fast becoming a dead duck?

In the midst of all the media bluster about billions and bailouts, the most fundamental consequence of adopting the Fiscal Treaty into law is being ignored; namely the threat the Treaty poses to democracy.

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) stresses that it opposes the new treaty which has just been signed by 25 countries at the European Summit. This treaty will impose even greater budgetary austerity in Europe and hamper the recovery in employment. The European trade union deplores the fact that growth and employment are not the focus of detailed commitment in the same way as budgetary rigour.

Danish MEP Soren Sondegaard will speak at public meeting in Liberty Hall on Monday March 5 at 7.30. Also speaking will be Paul Murphy MEP, Richard Boyd-Barrett TD and Jimmy Kelly, regional secretary of the trade union Unite. The meeting has been organised by the Campaign Against the Austerity Treaty.

 Soren Sondegaard is a Danish MEP from the Red-Green Alliance and an opponent of the neo-liberal policies being forced upon the peoples of Europe by the European Commission at the behest of the governments of Germany and France.