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United Left Alliance launch NO campaign leaflet

Demand jobs not cuts and charges vote no to the fiscal treaty.pdf

Spread the message against the treaty, download the United Left Alliance leaflet.

Today the United Left Alliance  launched its leaflet calling for a NO vote to the Austerity Treaty.

The ULA is calling for a NO vote to defend democracy and to break from the madness of austerity.

we are committing our full resources to defeating the governments plans to force permanent austerity on the Irish people.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD challenged  FG and Labour to specify what they intend to cut and what new taxes they will introduce to meet this target. He said “how many teachers and nurses will be lost? What welfare payments will be cut? What extra charges will people have to pay? Its time for the government to come clean”

Paul Murphy MEP said

“Far from providing a solution to the economic crisis, austerity and cutbacks have only made things worse. Manufacturing output is contracting across Europe and according to figures just published by the EU there were 169,000 more people unemployed in March bringing unemployment to 17.4m people across Europe. No amount of blackmail by the government can hide the fact that the passing of this Treaty will deepen the economic crises”.

Joan Collins TD said

“If Ireland were to adhere to the requirements of this new treaty it will mean at least an extra €5.7 billion in cuts and taxes in addition to the €8.6 billion in cuts demanded by the Troika between now and 2015. The Irish state will be squeezed dry until it conforms to the rules laid down by this Austerity Treaty and administered by un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels.”

Seamus Healy TD said that “The Austerity Treaty undermines democracy. It will mean that any future government will be legally forced to implement EU dictated cuts and taxes regardless of how many people oppose them. This will mean that one of the most basic requirements of a democracy – that people are free to vote for different economic policies – will be lost”.

Joe Higgins TD said we “ will be highlighting the economic alternative to the madness of austerity. We can reject this Treaty and instead refuse to pay the debt. Rather than giving billions to banks and bondholders, we can protect our schools and hospitals; we can invest in jobs and provide for social projection. We call on all those who reject cuts and charges to inflict a massive defeat on this government by voting no to austerity”.

The ULA believes in  a Europe that puts the interests of ordinary people before those of bankers and bondholders.

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