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No' vote launch by anti home tax campaign

Campaign Against House and Water Tax
'No' vote launch by anti home tax campaign
The Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT) today launched its poster and leaflet  for a 'No' vote in the Treaty Referendum.
Speaking outside the gates of the Dail, Deirdre Wadding of Wexford said :
"Campaign members voted overwhelmingly to call on the million households who defied the government deadline on the household tax to vote No. But we also appeal to everyone opposed to these taxes to vote No. This Treaty would mean at least six billion extra cuts and taxes would have to be made. That means a huge increase in home and water taxes, as well as applying a wrecking ball to our services.  More hospitals will have to be downgraded, more of our teachers and SNAs taken out of schools. The CAHWT has always viewed the household tax as an austerity measure. This Treaty copperfastens  austerity. We have to say 'enough is enough' and join with the ordinary people all over Europe who are saying the same."
Gordon Hudson of the Westmeath CAHWT said:
"The government says this Treaty will bring investment and jobs. That is what they said in previous Treatys. Yet 450,000 are on the dole and our young people are emigrating. People should not be fooled. Austerity policies won’t bring recovery. By taking so much money from people's pockets, they destroy jobs and close down small businesses. This Treaty would write that failed policy into law for years. The government ignored the mandate they got 15 months ago. Send them another message next week that we need a different economic direction, not more austerity and bailouts."
Eileen Gabbett, Dublin, said:
"Once again, fear is being used to try get this Treaty through. People are told that if we dare to vote No, there will be no funds if we need them. Threats were also used to try force people to pay the household tax, but the majority of householders refused to be bullied into registering. We shouldn't be bullied now on the Treaty. If everyone boycotting the tax voted No, the Treaty could be defeated. This would also undermine the government as they attempt to prosecute non-payers of the household tax in the Autumn."
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