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France and Greece: Two Yes Lies exposed.

During the election campaign Hollande explicitly stated that he would not ratify the Fiscal Treaty as it currently stands.

His newly appointed Finance Minister, Pierre Moscovici, has repeated the message: "What has been said quite clearly is that the treaty will not be ratified as is and that it must be completed with a chapter on growth, with a growth strategy,"

It could not be any clearer. The Irish government is pressing for ratification of a treaty that only promotes cutbacks. As it stands, it contains no legal requirements to promote a growth strategy. This position is clearly at odds with the new French administration.

The Yes side is also using the suffering of the people of Greece as a cheap propaganda weapon. The Labour leader, Eamon Gilmore, has stated that ‘

‘Remember that the route that Greece has followed is the kind of route that some of the 'No' campaigners are recommending for this country.’

He has ignored the obvious fact that Greece is one of only three countries that has actually ratified the Treaty. If a Yes vote added to investor confidence, why are funds not flowing into Greece?

The Irish Labour Party is linked to PASOK. This is the party that imposed the suffering on the Greek people at the behest of the EU and the IMF.

Parties like Syriza, by contrast, won support because they argued that the Greek memorandum of understanding had to be torn up and re-negotiated.

When Finance Minister Michael Noonan states that the Greek people must ‘stick to their obligations’, it is obvious that the Yes side supports the austerity that is strangling Greece.

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